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'Ophelia: The Timeless Woman' - Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015

MSFW 2015 Poster

Madame Buttons will be exhibiting her take on the Shakespearean damsel, Ophelia during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week from the 28th of August until the 4th of September.

You will be able to view her extraordinary rendition of this classic character showcased within a glass case at Southgate during the week.

The Moreland Leader Article Feature - 24th of August 2015

Odes to Ophelia - Madame Buttons Feature

Liquid Lycra Poster

Liquid Lycra Launch Party

Madame Buttons held her very own 'Liquid Lycra launch party' in early 2013 to launch her Brand Madame Buttons and her first wearable line of clothing Liquid Lycra. The event was a riot of musical fun held in the dingy divine bar Yah Yahs. The party included four bands all donning Liquid Lycra like our glam rock favourites of the past .. Plus super stars Carly fern singing a fashion tribute whilst standing on the bar and burlesque beauty Bengal Divine being ever so devious in Liquid Lycra. Topping it all off with a cat walk ever so dangerously along the bar of the latest range of Liquid Lycra. MC'd by the deviant Circus inter dimensional prince it was an outrageously cheeky event with topless go go dancers bands The Refunds, Kill Shot And Camp Camp Revolution.


Hysterium Poster

Posing as

"A smattering of performance artists, a flamboyance of catwalk beauties and a series of short snappy dance performances - underscored by a DJ set with the delicious Mimi Velevska"
the evening was purported to be a cryptic insight into the attire and behavioural antics of one particular personality - Madame Buttons – who has combed the entire of history for the inspiration for her physical guises, manifested as 27 spectacular head-to-toe outfits give or take the toe displayed on live flesh.

These creatures pranced through an entanglement of histories of seduction and psychedelia: from the Art Nuevo world of the Belle Epoch and a romped through post-modernism, to a ballroom teeming with flappers in the 1920’s and then a night out in a NYC basement amidst the glam culture of the 1980’s.

With stunning performances by these phenomenally talented wonder-people:

MC Eevie La Volpe Circus Inter-dimensional Prince
Blueberry Miss Friby
Carly Fern Madame Buttons
Stephanie Wood